10 Creative ways to make money through YouTube

10 Creative ways to make money through YouTube – Last week, we have seen how you create YouTube videos to make money. If you are looking for creative ways to make money through YouTube, this article is for you.

1) YouTube Partner:

 You can make money by becoming a YouTube partner. While there are some conditions attached to it, you should be able to sign-up with such conditions. YouTube would advertise your videos while the user views them.  Revenue is shared with Partners based on certain guidelines.

Video Views:

YouTube partners would make $ 1 to $ 10 per 1000 views. If your video is popular you would get a higher rate.

YouTube Subscribers:

If you attract some subscribers and if they sign-up for your account on YouTube, $ 0.05 per subscriber is paid to the YouTube partner under this option. If you have 10,000 subscribers, you get paid $ 500+

Channel Views:

YouTube partners would get $ 0.01 per channel view. If your channel (group of videos) views are 100,000 then, you would get $ 1,000+.

2) Google Adsense to make money on YouTube:

This is another powerful way to make money on YouTube. Just sign-up for Google Adsense and you can place the Ads on your videos. The rate per click would depend on how popular your video is.

3) Sell your products: 

If you own any products, you can advertise them on your YouTube videos and channels and get direct sales. However, to do this, you need to have good subscribers and your videos should be popular.

4) Get direct sponsorship:

Another creative way to make money through YouTube is by directly approaching a sponsor. Generally, if your video is in a particular niche like Investments, you can approach some of the companies who are dealing in investments or banks or mutual funds to sponsor and pay you for advertisements. This would be a very effective way to make money if you strictly to a particular domain and publish videos around that.

5) Earn through affiliate marketing:

This method of making money has become famous if you have a website or through YouTube. You can sign-up for some good affiliate marketing companies which pay a high rate and start promoting their products. Then put the affiliate links on your video descriptions and if anyone clicks the links and makes a sale, you would get a commission on such products. You would earn good money if your video content is unique and popular in a particular domain and promote products around this domain.

6) Tutorials / Teaching in your domain:

If you are good at teaching and conducting tutorials, you can charge for your tutorials. If you have good subscribers, you can advertise on your videos about your paid tutorials, and interested people can participate. This is a unique way of earning money if you have a talent in teaching and you are professional expertise in a particular domain.

7) Sponsor Reviews: 

If your videos are becoming popular, you can do a sponsored review about a product and publish it as a video and the sponsor would pay you for such a review. You should be positive as well as criticize such sponsor reviews else your readers would easily catch you that it is paid review.

Every video of yours need not be popular. You create a video with unique content and creativity like gangmanstyle video which has become very popular and there are millions of hits every day. One such popular hit would get you decent money.

9) YouTube competitions:

Another way to earn money is to create competitions on YouTube. Advertise that you would conduct YouTube competitions on a particular topic and charge small fees. However this method would not earn regular money as you cannot conduct competitions every day, but you can add some money on regular basis.

If you observe on YouTube, when you are viewing the videos, you would see a link at the bottom of the video. You can sell such links for a price. This is a good way to make money through YouTube.

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