Day Care Center – Tip To Run a Child Daycare Business Successfully

Children’s daycare has become a profitable business. However unless you plan it well, you cannot be successful in this business. In this article, we would discuss how to start a success successful daycare business.

Demand for child daycare business

In a recent study conducted by the Children welfare association, it has come out that 65% of American mothers leave their children in daycare centers. In India, the percentage is low at 15% to 20%.  The demand for daycare center business is expected to grow at a faster pace as parents want to create wealth at t young age. Unless the wife and husband work, they cannot achieve their financial goals at a young age. Parents think that their child can learn more at daycare centers This creates good demand in the coming years.

How to start a child daycare business

  1. Step1- Licensing:You should know about the government regulations and licensing requirements before you start a child day care business. There are several regulations to be followed to get a license from the government authorities. Local authorities impose several restrictions like minimum space per child, minimum one hot meal per day, etc., There are police checks to be done before such a license is given. Depending upon the country, there are other requirements such as applying for an employer identification number, fax number, etc. In some countries like India, you need to apply for additional licensing from the child welfare department.
  2. Step-2 – Premises for child day care business:You need to take a lease of commercial space. If you are planning to run this as a home-based business, you should have sufficient space at your home to run. This space should include space for a garden, children play area, proper ventilation, etc.  Just ensure that you have proper amenities like water, electricity, gas, etc. which are minimum requirements.
  3. Step-3 – Infrastructure:This step involves, purchasing furniture like tables, chairs, cots and purchasing indoor, and outdoor toys, kitchen equipment, refrigerators, etc., when you are purchasing furniture, shabby, used, or mismatched furniture can be avoided. Get something that is bright, cheerful, and interactive.  When you buy a refrigerator, buy a big double door one complete with an ice maker and water in the door. It would make a good impression when parents make their first day care center tour and there are greater chances that they would say yes at first instance. Buy the toys which can improve children’s analytical skills.
  4. Step-4 – Staffing requirements:A background check is required before you hire any staff for the daycare center. This is to ensure that they will not put the children at the center in danger. Take care of the adult-to-child ratio properly. More staff is required for a young children than the older child.
  5. Step-5 – Marketing and planning for the child day center:This step is crucial for the success of your business. Tell others about your child day care center. Create brochures, and a website and publicize on social networking sites, Google local places about your business.

 What are the regular activities you need to take care of in a child day care center?

  • Work with staff members to manage day-to-day, child day care center activities.
  • Plan, supervise, and engage child’s activities and mealtimes
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment
  • Communicate with parents about the child’s progress. If you communicate how the child reacts during a day, parents would get excited.

Hidden facts about children’s daycare center

Don’t get excited before you start this business. Several hidden facts might not be aware.

  • In a child daycare center you are not just a manager. You need to work as a secretary, bookkeeper, servant (you would realize after you start this business), organizer, planner, implementer, etc.
  • Due to the competitive environment and under stressed conditions, parents are required to work beyond 7.30 pm. Prepare yourself to accept that you need to work beyond this.
  • There are no holidays for you in this business except for weekends. In India, you may get a holiday only on Sundays.
  • You need to have backup staff in case of any emergency
  • You may not be able to say “No” to a parent whose child has a running nose, fever, etc., as it would affect other children in the daycare center. Prepare yourself to face such a situation and communicate upfront with parents before they join their child in your daycare center.

How to be successful in the children’s daycare center business

  • Majority of the child daycare centers may not accept infants. If you provide this facility, there are greater chances that you would be successful in such a business.
  • There are chances that parents tend to forget about their child’s food in a hurry to go to work. Keeping extra food items at the daycare center makes the parents comfortable.
  • Take a photograph of all the good moments of children and share it with their parents through email or Facebook. This is an invaluable service. Parents would get excited about such service.
  • Keep the premises safe and secure. Furniture and equipment maintain well. The lack of such a facility would damage the reputation of your business.

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